Monday, May 27, 2013

Levels of Commitment:

Since I missed the wedding, I was asking one of my friends who recently partnered whether she thought she would be having an SL wedding in the near future. She replied that a wedding was unnecessary because in her view partnership was the same thing.

I don't think that's the general consensus in SL. Partnership is more like going steady. It doesn't take take much effort. Just send a request to whomever you want to partner and pay a few Linden dollars. Unless your friends check your profile regularly, they won't even notice that you partnered.

In comparison, an SL wedding takes a lot of effort and planning. You have to set a date, find a place to have it, and invite everyone. Plus, there is usually an exchange of vows that only terminate upon the death of one of the parties.

So I think an SL wedding shows a much higher level of commitment relative to a partnership. In fact, it shows an insane level of commitment.


  1. hahahahahahahhaha
    Till death do you part in SL?? hahahha
    Well ..... I love your post!
    But seriously, I think that if two people want to be together in SL, will not need anything more than the desire to be together and if to this we add the partner, the better.
    I only got married once in SL, was in love and the vows were made between us, do not need anyone else. If I remarried, would do the same.

  2. You're very courageous to have had an SL wedding. I have never even attempted a partnership.