Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Want To Believe:

From Unwind by Neil Shusterman:
"You . . . you lost your faith?"

"No," he says, "just my convictions. I still very much believe in God—just
not a god who condones human tithing."

Lev begins to feel himself choking up with an unexpected flood of feeling, all
the emotions that had been building up throughout their talk—throughout the
weeks—arriving all at once, like a sonic boom. "I never knew that was a choice."

All his life there was only one thing Lev was allowed to believe. It had
surrounded him, cocooned him, constricted him with the same stifling softness as
the layers of insulation around him now. For the first time in his life, Lev feels
those bonds around his soul begin to loosen.

"You think maybe I can believe in that God, too?"


  1. One of the greatest feelings, I think, is realizing you don't have to believe what you have been led to believe.

  2. True, but you have to be careful what you say because believing in the wrong things is heresy.