Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ever Have One of Those Nights?

Ever have one of those nights in SL where everything just seems dead? And the only friends that are online are the ones that you never talk to, who have been on your friends list forever. You go to a sim and there's only a few people, so you teleport to another place that is usually popular and it's dead too. And you just keep doing that for hours. 

All I really want is one good conversation. Just something with some meaningful information exchange. Some people need at least one hug per day, I need at least one good chat.


  1. Rather than having a lot of friends maybe one or two real good ones is better.
    Just saying :-)

  2. That would work, but you'll probably run into another problem sooner or later, when a good friend suddenly disappears.

  3. Then you have a back up friend.
    And keep the view to cultivating new friendships that are meaningful and reciprocated.
    There's too much superficiality on SL so that when you meet someone whose ideas, passions meld with yours - a rare find - you need to open, share and treasure moments with that person.

    I hope you meet someone like that!

  4. Yesterday, I asked someone "Would you be my backup friend?," but they didn't respond to my friend request. What should I do?

  5. My ego isn't so large to prevent me from being a back up friend.

  6. You're already on my friends list.