Thursday, May 23, 2013

Between Hope & Despair:

Creative work causes me to swing back and forth endlessly from hope to despair. I always start a project in hope that it will turn out well. The slightest criticism, however, incites despair that the project will serve only to expose a complete lack of talent. That I was crazy to even attempt such a thing. And even if the project does somehow turn out good, there is the fear that it will be ignored and still be a waste of time. Then someone praises the work done so far and hope rises again. I think maybe, just maybe there is some potential. With more effort, perhaps the project will be a success. 

That's why in Second Life, when people ask me how I'm doing, I reply thanks, for asking. I'm between hope and despair. But that's too truthful. I think next time I'll answer I'm on a roller coaster and it's a thrill a minute.

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