Friday, May 10, 2013

Lessons to Learn:

Can you earn a living in Second Life? I don't mean enough to support yourself in real life, but enough to support your SL activities without looking like a noob? People master this in different ways in SL.

Some are great at hunts and know which groups to join for the best gifts, so they really don't need to earn any money. Other people DJ, sing or dance and rely upon tips. Some escort. Yet others have actual jobs. They work for rental agencies or as hosts.

It's not necessary to master this lesson and many don't bother. They've mastered how to earn a living in real life and use real life earnings to fund their SL.

One lesson that almost everyone learns sooner or later in SL is that love rarely lasts. Some seem not to care and repeat the process endlessly, with one tragic love affair after another. A lucky few, though, do beat the odds and appear to find something lasting.

While SL may not be a game, there are lessons to learn. The same lessons that we need to master in real life, just with lesser consequences for ignoring them.


  1. Hello!
    In SL there are costs, no question! Not only are the clothes, also home, for example. I work, but I've also admitted money at first, it not is a big expense SL, for little money RL, you're a millionaire in SL!
    On how to love, both in RL how in SL, it's always a risk. The important thing is to love, the duration is secondary. Nothing in life is eternal ........ 8)

  2. Some people like shorter durations than others, usually men.