Monday, June 24, 2013


I saw this on Serendipity Haven's blog:
A blind man asked a wise man: Can there be anything worse than losing your eye sight?

The wise man replied: Yes... losing your vision.
The reminds me of the saying that a person who has lost faith has lost everything.  Of course if your faith is misplaced, then losing your faith has cured you of a delusion. For example, you may have faith in magic crystals. Unfortunately though, the things never seem to work. Despite having an abundance of magic crystals, you have nothing but bad luck until finally you lose your faith.

Now, I'm not saying that magic crystals don't work. I'm saying I don't know what to have faith in.


  1. Everyone looks for what to have faith in. We become distracted in this ... because even if we find comfort in crystals, tarot, or turning the ball cap backwards when one's team is losing ... these things are not significant. Some use these to 'touch' what gives them faith, though, but this is of value only when one knows what to have faith in. You already know the answer to the question ... you just lack faith in it.

    'smiles brightly and sends you love'

  2. No, I really don't know the answer to the question. I'm stumbling around in the dark.