Tuesday, June 4, 2013


     Thoughts get derailed when someone enters the picture. This tall, slender, smoking hot gotta-be-an-actress with stellar gams and straight black hair that almost meets her I-swear-sometimes-God-is-an-artist perfect ass. Love her right off the bat. Trust me, you would too....
I introduce myself and we shake hands. Touch of her skin confirms a smoldering attraction. The smile in her chestnut eyes ignites it.
    -Phil Brody,  The Holden Age of Hollywood

Let me introduce you to Share. Phil Brody sent me her photo. Does she match the description? I envisioned her a little older, but she certainly would derail a man's thoughts.


  1. for the record, this is an actress -- Odette Annable. While writing The Holden Age of Hollywood, I saw her on a tv show and was struck by how much she resembled the Share in my imagination that I was putting on paper with words. I used her likeness for inspiration throughout the writing of the novel, and, yes, if there's ever a movie version of Holden, she be my #1 choice to portray the character.

  2. I thought she looked familiar. After your comment, I looked her up on IMDB. I must have seen her on House, where she was one of the doctors on the team. She's 28 now. Should be perfect for a film based on Holden.