Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Best Ending Ever:

I've seen a lot of excellent openings for novels, but not a lot of really memorable endings. Beginnings are no doubt more important because if you can't hook the readers on page one, they're not going to get to the end. Nevertheless, endings are important for a really great work.

The ending to The Novelist by Angela Hunt is unforgettable.
     But I take his hand and hold it tight. "I love ya, Dad."
     I turn and walk away, not sure if he heard or understood. But sometimes you say these things for your sake as much as for the other person's.
     Because love's the thing that holds us together.
     Love's the thing that keeps us sane.
I'm not sure about love keeping us sane, but I understand about saying things for your sake as much as for someone else. It's like a lot of my blog posts.

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