Friday, June 21, 2013

My Problem With Mesh:

Mesh clothing has a well known drawback. It does not conform to the avatar's body and therefore an alpha layer must be worn under the mesh. Nevertheless, mesh has become accepted because it looks better than prim and system clothing. In particular, people have been willing to put up with wearing mesh over an alpha layer and dealing with mesh clothing that comes in multiple sizes.

However, the alpha layer ruins the immersive experience with short skirts. You look up a woman's skirt to check for underwear and all you see is sky because there's an alpha layer. It's very disconcerting.

That's my main problem with mesh.


  1. IMO ... I don't like mesh because it does not fit properly and I am unable to edit it. (I am a tech I.D.10-T!) I periodically get a mesh outfit over the past year or so to try ... and continue to find the experience lacking. I believe the prim and system clothing is great ... because I know how to wear them! So ... your topic hits a 'button' with me ... but I explode with laughter with your personal anecdote! I love that you keep it real! Maybe I will one day let you know who I am in SL so you can look up my non-alpha'd skirt. ;)

  2. It's good to know some women still wear the old style skirts. Gives me a little hope.

  3. Randall Mesh is the new just have to deal with it. Some women will not wear the alpha for the reason you just described. However there are some alphas that do indeed still enable a man to look up a woman's skirt. I have a few mesh skirts like that :)

  4. I'm glad some creators have addressed the problem. Just need to get everyone on board. Mesh does make for nice looking clothes. The problems arise when there's a lot of lag, and it looks like someone is wearing their shirt sideways.