Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Favorite Part:

Some people write for the masses. They try to make that one blog post that will go viral and be read by millions. I don't do that. My writing is specialized. It's for a smaller audience. An audience of one: you. Only you. The Internet doesn't need another person writing for most everyone. There are already too many bloggers like that.

What the Internet needs is someone writing for you. My writing is never going to change the world. I know that. But there is a possibility I could write something that in some small way may change your world. And by changing your world, maybe I can change mine.

I know that you don't visit everyday to see what I've posted. Most times, you're busy or have better things to do and that's okay. Sometimes you don't visit for weeks or months, and that's okay too. Because I'm going to keep writing and my posts will be here for you when you return. Like a long letter sealed in an envelope with all the hope and peace I can find.

Sometimes I don't post for weeks. I'm sorry for that. My faith is weak. It deserts me and leaves me powerless. I am ashamed of how long it has taken me to post this. You deserved to read this much sooner.

But no matter how long it may be between my posts, remember one thing. My favorite part about blogging will always be you.