Monday, October 7, 2013

Why Change?

Have you wondered why people change? They don't change without good reasons. Walter White in Breaking Bad didn't wake up one day and say to himself "to hell with teaching high school chemistry, I'm going to make meth!" No, he had a compelling reason: a diagnosis of lung cancer. Only the threat of imminent death got him to change.

You see similar behavior in Second Life. There are some older avatar's that look almost the same as the day they were first rezzed into the meta-verse nearly a decade ago. Their skin is an older mono-tone type without any shading, they have a cheap AO and freebie hair.

What could get someone like that to change? They would have to want something that they could only get by updating their avatar. Maybe they're into building and scripting before and don't care about appearance. But someone introduced them to the more social aspects of the game and now they want to be part of it. So they change, sometimes suddenly.

Do you remember what caused you to change from noob to non-noob? Was there a catalyst that suddenly made you want to make an adjustment in your appearance?

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