Tuesday, October 15, 2013

So Gloomy:

    I am a member of the unemployed now with nothing but a typer and a couple of paint brushes to hold off the world. So keep your fingers crossed for me and hope the gods are on my side. There's my 5 year old daughter involved and if I lost her, that would do me in. But things sometimes have a way of working. There's no need to lay it down yet. There's a novel in my mind and The Days Run Away... moving very nicely. but but but....
     This letter is so gloomy, Jim, that I can't ever write it, finish it. I'll write when things are looking better.
    -Bukowski to Jim Roman
     January 11, 1970
That's pretty much how I feel everyday, i.e., the part about "can't ever write it" or "finish it."


  1. Keep the faith Randall! Better days are always ahead. You have something wonderful to share, just let yourself express it.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, but what if I have no faith? Then what? Is it possible to not have faith in anything?