Tuesday, October 8, 2013

If You Were a Character:

 If you were playing a character in SL, what character would you be? I think I would be an anti-hero. On a sliding scale from idealism to cynicism, I tend towards cynicism. And I suffer from the attribute of extreme celibacy. It's a kind of heroic vow. Specifically, a thousand day vow of abstinence and chastity entered into on my 1,000th day in SL.

The vow is because I'm cynical about love. It's not that I don't believe in love, it's that I don't believe love is worthwhile in SL. The reward is not worth the sorrow. Love rarely lasts. Whenever one of my friends partners or marries, I always wonder how long until the inevitable break up. Sometimes partnerships barely make it a day.

And there are those that want to take it into real life. They live on opposite sides of continents or in different countries, but nothing will deter them. I'm thinking if you cannot find someone in your own locale, your standards must be way too high.

I have one friend defying the odds. Her partnership and SL marriage has far exceeded my expectations. She must be playing the heroine. That's what so great about heroines, they overcome nearly impossible odds in pursuit of a worthy goal.


  1. I would be the background hero, the assistant to the hero that gets all the blame or praise.

  2. A supporting character then. The supporting character doesn't usually change.They're perfect the way they are.