Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fetishes Are Bad:

These days, I mostly hang at clubs. The one that gives everyone pause is a BDSM club.
Whenever I mention that club to someone as a place I regularly visit, they always touch my arm and say in a hushed voice "Randall, I didn't know you were like that. Do you think you could whip me sometime?"

I'm not like that. I go for the ambiance. It's just a club with explicit photos on the walls. Most people dress normally. So much so that the club is a having a Halloween party with the theme fetish wear. There will probably be guys wearing fish-net stockings and high heels, dominatrices in tall black boots, lots of whips, people in latex, and others with ball gags. The thing about ball gags in SL is that it doesn't keep you from chatting. And whips don't draw blood.

My fetish is elf ears. You don't see many elves at clubs. There have only been a couple that caught my attention. One was into having a master and I'm not that way so I never knew what to do with her. The other I used to see semi-ocassionally at Franks.

We came to a bad end. She married a guy that looked like a gay albino. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Being an albino I mean. Or gay. But that's how he looked to me. The marriage evidently didn't didn't last long because she's partnerless again. I've never seen her at Franks since the wedding.

There must be a lesson in there somewhere, but I'm not sure what it is. Probably something like fetishes are bad.


  1. Its true Randall convinced me to do a elf post on my had no idea he had a fetish for elf ears till that day...I don't see you being into the BDSM fetish Randall though you may look cute in a pair of fishnets!

  2. I need to work on my proofing skills. I corrected that typo in the last paragraph.

    All guys should like elf ears. I don't see how they couldn't. It would be like not liking kittens or puppies or something.