Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Allegedly Most Interesting Man vs. Me:

Tymmerie Thorne claims to know the most interesting man in SL. Who do you think is more interesting, him or me?  Cast your vote on the side panel. Voting closes March 19, 2013. The allegedly Most Interesting Man ("TAMIM") vs. Randall:

TAMIM: He can terraform... with his mind.
Randall: So weird, he drives crazy people sane.

TAMIM: He has never needed to ask for a teleport.
Randall:  Doesn't teleport, the universe contracts and the sim comes to him.

TAMIM:  Lindens get excited when they see him on the grid. (But, they are usually too shy to ask him for a teddy bear.)
Randall: The Lindens refer to him as a god. 

TAMIM: When he is near, textures rez faster.
Randall: If SL is boring, it's because he isn't online.

TAMIM: He always moves away from the landing point.
Randall: Walks before the world rezzes.

TAMIM: No-fly zones have no power over him.
Randall: He never crashes. The grid falls down around him.

TAMIM: He never experiences lag.
Randall: The Mayans prophesized his rezz date.

TAMIM: When he buys mainland, all of the neighbors pick tasteful decor and coordinate their landscaping with his. 
Randall: The center of the universe is where he's at.



  1. Run faster, jump higher:


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  3. Randall you are, by far, the MOST interesting man in SL.