Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Did the Fire Purify You or Destroy You?

Many years ago I read a book entitled Grist for the Mill by Ram Dass and Stephen Levine.There is one section I especially remember about being drawn like a moth to flame. For a long awhile we circle the flame, sometimes getting too close and singing our wings. Finally, we can stand it no more and take the fiery plunge. But the flame only burns the things we cling to, and whether the fire purifies you or destroys you depends on who you think are.

Today I read something on Quora that made think of that:
Do you destroy wood, or create fire?
Do you destroy a piece of paper, or create art?
Do you destroy your life with stupid decisions, or create wisdom and opportunity?
    -Shaun Moshasha
What if I haven't destroyed my life? What if I have created an opportunity? There are a few things I can do here that I wasn't able to do in the old country.


  1. Cool! I love Ram Dass and Stephen Levine.

    Listen to your wisdom heart.

    Hugs to you!!

  2. When you accept everything, everything is beyond dimensions. The earth is not great nor a grain of sand small. In the realm of Great Activity picking up a grain of sand is the same as taking up the whole universe. To save one sentient being is to save all sentient beings. Your efforts of this moment to save one person is the same as the eternal merit of Buddha.

    - Shunryu Suzuki