Sunday, March 31, 2013


The resurrection of Christ, do you think it really happened? I went to an Easter event today, and I learned some fascinating information. It was what happened to Christ's apostles after the alleged resurrection.

None of the apostles ran and hid. Before the resurrection, they were in hiding. Peter denied even knowing Jesus. But after, he admitted to Jesus being his teacher and was crucified.

The most interesting apostle was Paul. Before the resurrection, he was known as Saul and worked for the authorities persecuting those that followed Jesus. He was responsible for the deaths of hundreds. After the resurrection, he became a believer and changed his name from Saul to Paul.

Paul suffered horribly for his beliefs. He was lashed with a whip, beaten with rods, stoned, ship wrecked and finally beheaded. What could have caused him to convert and maintain his faith despite the hardships?

All of the apostles were executed one way or another, except for John. John's fate was exile to an island, where he wrote several chapters of the bible.

What could have inspired such faith among the apostles?


  1. If the stories are true, then I would think meeting God face to face would be enough motivation to endure anything, just like they did.

  2. A lot of people would. To be able to believe in something so strongly that you would sacrifice everything for it, to be able to look truth in the eye and scream, now I know! To be able to live your life knowing, this is not it, there IS more, and I am going to make sure I tell everyone because this is too big a deal to keep to myself. Yeah, if Jesus were to point at me and say follow me, you can be sure I would.