Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Two Favorite Short Story Writers:

There are two writers of short stories that I like better than anyone else. While Fante may have been Bukowski's god, Palniuk had a goddess, Amy Hempel. If you haven't yet discovered Amy Hempel, you are in for a real treat. Below is an excerpt from one of her short stories, entitled In a Tub:
My heart — I thought it stopped. So I got in my car and headed for God. I passed two churches with cars parked in front. Then I stopped at the third because no one else had.
     It was early afternoon, the middle of the week. I chose a pew in the center of the rows. Episcopal or Methodist, it didn’t make any difference. It was as quiet as a church.
     I thought about the feeling of the long missed beat, and the tumble of the next ones as they rushed to fill the space. I sat there — in the high brace of quiet and stained glass — and I listened.
The other writer that I really like is Tobias Wolff. His short story entitled Bullet in the Brain is probably the best short story I have ever read. It goes from trivial inconveniences to the meaning of life in about three pages. You can read the entire story online here. Enjoy.


  1. they is, they is, they is.


    Thanks, that blew my mind.

  2. Tobias Wolff has a couple of other stories you can read online as well, "Smokers" and "Hunters in the Snow."