Sunday, September 8, 2013

Undercover Work

I often hear women complain about men in Second Life. Usually, the complaints are about requests for "teh sects" and how many men just have no class. So I went undercover as a woman to see if it was true.

A couple of men contacted me. I was at Franks, in a very attractive dress that showed just the right amount of cleavage. I would post a photo, but it would blow my cover should I need to conduct further research. The men seemed nice enough. The first guy tried some lines like "that's a sexy dress" and called me "baby" and so forth. The second guy politely asked for a dance, which I declined.

I contacted a third guy on my own initiative. He had a list of attributes in his profile, with a request to contact him if he had left anything out. I sent him an IM and suggested the word "modest". He took my suggestion gracefully.

So I'm not sure if all the complaints I'm hearing about the men are justified. I'm thinking not and that the complaints are exaggerated. Admittedly, my sample size is small and I didn't engage in any extended conversations. Perhaps more research is warranted.


  1. While I agree with you somewhat.....there is a small problem with men's approaches. One being...
    Hey Baby you are not the first thing I want to hear out of a guys mouth. I like to be charmed with wit first not a standard pick up line. They don't really work in RL and fall short in SL too. I will ignore a lame pick up line.
    Another Being....
    If a girl declines your invitation to dance there is most likely a reason, some men, not all get all bent out of shape if you politely decline their invitation to dance.

    1. What about declining other invitations after you have accepted a request for a dance? I thought that was where most of the complaints arose.