Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Do:

do you ever have that one person who you just lost contact with because of reasons and you just wonder if they’re okay and what they’re doing with their lives now and where they’ve been and if they’ve changed and how they’ve changed and what’s still the same about them and how they look and if they ever think about you like that from time to time

because I do 


  1. Me too! I always remember my friends, sometimes for work or other reasons you distance, but if you appreciate them, remember them!. Regards, friend!

  2. I think many of my friends are never coming back. Should I leave them on my friends list just in case or clean it out? I heard a long friends list causes lag.

  3. I like this, I really do...just the way it's worded. It's very nice. As far as the friends list, if they're that special that you think of them still, leave them on it. I'm sure there's others you can delete instead.

  4. I suppose you're right. How much lag can a friends list cause? You ever notice how people NEVER clean up their block list? Friends and lovers come and ago. Enemies are forever.