Friday, September 27, 2013

Dance Invitations:

One of my friends was asking why the guys at Franks go there, but do not ask any of the ladies to dance. Faith Huet inadvertently provided the answer in her blog post the The Dance Invitation. It's this line in her post (emphasis added): Let's see if we're even compatible before we spend an hour dancing. 

Us guys don't want to get stuck dancing with someone for an hour. We're bored after ten minutes. That's pretty much the reason right there.

Faith was also complaining about guys that just IM "hi" and after she responds with "hello", she doesn't hear from them for five minutes. My suggestion is to spice the conversation up a bit by lying (the lies are shown in italics):
Guy: Hi
Gal: Hello, I was waiting for you to IM me.
Guy: Really?
Gal: Yes, I'm psychic. Do you want me to tell you what you're thinking now?
Guy: Sure.
Gal: You're thinking about asking me to dance.
Guy: You're good.
Gal: Okay, let's dance.
Conversations are a dance too. You don't always have to follow, sometimes you can lead.


  1. Good point Randall. I think being an insecure person, that I just always assume in that 5 minute pause I mentioned in my blog that they're in IM's with many other women. Point well taken that maybe I should respond with something interesting to help start the conversation. I still won't dance with someone until I know enough about them to know whether I'd really enjoy dancing and spending the time talking with them.

    1. What excuse do you think I should reply with if someone wants me to dance with them and I would prefer not too?

    2. I'm not crazy about lying, but sometimes I do it so I won't hurt someone's feelings. So how about this... "I'm sorry, but I'm waiting for someone".

      Also, tell your friend that some guys wait at Franks for their special someone to log in. They stay there and listen to music and maybe chat a bit if someone sends them an IM. That's why some don't ask ladies to dance. I've known a few that do that especially if they don't have land or are just bored while waiting.

  2. That's a white lie, though. It's being dishonest, but for a good reason. It's better than telling someone they have bad shoes, a blank profile, or that they're boring you.

    So that's what those guys are doing at Franks?