Monday, September 23, 2013

Fatal Flaw:

Breaking bad is drawing to a close and Walter White is in serious trouble. What do you think was the fatal character flaw that did him in? Was it an unwillingness to accept help? When Walter was first diagnosed with cancer, his old friend offered him a job at Grey Matter Inc.. Walter declined the offer though because he didn't want to accept charity.

Was it too much loyalty? He saved Jesse's life early on and in the end Jesse betrayed him. Walter refused to kill his brother-in-law, Hank, and paid for Hank's medical treatments. What if Walter had let the drug dealers kill Jesse instead of saving Jesse's life? What if Walter had killed Hank when Walter first suspected that Hank was on to Walter's illicit activities?

Was it complacency? Why did Walter work all those years as a high school teacher for such low wages? What did he do with his summers?

Was it a lack of basic ethics? Selling drugs illegally is wrong even if you're dying of cancer and you're family will be impoverished? That seems to have been the fatal flaw that really got him.

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