Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What's The Deal With Creativity?

What's the point of creativity? Why do people filled compelled to create? Why does it feel so special when something you created is liked by a lot of other people? Does it feel like being loved? Is that why people create, because they want more love?

Do animals create? Don't some animals need love? It turns out that chimpanzees will create pictures if you give them some paint. I googled it. The pictures are abstract, but sometimes quite beautiful. It would be more interesting if they painted pictures of recognizable objects, such as other chimps or flowers.

Is creativity connected to a need for immortality? To extend your reach past the grave? So if you die, your paintings or photos live on and people wonder who you are or were? I think there is definitely a lot of that connected to creativity. Jack Kerouac claimed to have written On The Road because we're all going to die.

Finally, is there such a thing as artificial creativity? There are computers that play chess and other games of logic quite skillfully, but can they said to be creative? A computer doesn't need love unless it's been programmed into the machine, so I wouldn't expect to see a lot creativity from a computer. It's not worried about dying or being loved, unlike a human.

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