Wednesday, November 6, 2013


To those who can't sleep
and sometimes cry at night.
To those feeling smaller than life.

To the trapped and
hating where they're at.
For those wishing they've breathed their last.

To those at dead ends
and in holes so deep,
they don't even bother to weep.

To those wanting heroes
and needing hope.
To those for whom the word hope is a cliched joke.

To everyone who has ever sold
their time and health for minimum wages.
To those living through dark ages.

To the defiant
To those screaming at the sky.
To those asking why.

I'm so sorry.
I wish I knew.
Because my words are for you.


  1. As a fellow wannabee writer, I think this is brilliant and wonderful and one of your best works. I love it Randall and just want you to know that!

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you liked it because I wrote it for you. I like your work. The writing is so clear. I don't think you're a wannabee. You write, you publish, therefore you are a writer. Maybe you're not as widely read yet as you want to be. That's the wanting.

    2. Aww thank you for this and for the encouraging words :)