Saturday, April 6, 2013

You're Not Giving Up Today:

Another one of my favorite poems by Shane Koyczan, Visiting Hours:

You're not giving up today,
Because I live in a world
Full of seeing eye underdogs
And I'm pretty sure
We're all tired of wearing our choke chains
We're tired of being treated like walking canes
In a world so blind
No one can find each other
So we just keep bumping into each other
Like people are just buildings made of bones
Who collapsed every time they're made to believe
They were meant to stand alone
But you're not
Some of us can love
Some of us look like jokes,
not funny
it's just the way people keep falling for us

And yeah,
Some of us are going to get cancer
And some of us are going to fall in our showers
But until then you got to shine
Because all the time you get
It's just visiting hours.

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