Friday, April 12, 2013

I Love You:

I found another slam poet that I like, papergirl, also known as Tennessee Mary Fons.  I especially like her presentation of I Love You:
this poem is not for the desperate,
the pathetic, the lame, the loser,
not for the one who hasn’t gotten laid in awhile,
not for the one who says they’re “choosing not to date” for awhile,
there is no such thing,
this poem is for the people who cannot bring themselves to admit that they would give their right leg for any length of time with the person on their mind.


  1. Don't be, it's great when words can physically make you feel alive.

    Did you watch her "i am so young?" That one is painfully beautiful as well.

  2. I watched it just now. It's good. It's something I'll want to watch several times.