Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More Ocean:

My land group picked up 464 sqm of abandoned land next to my shop. A few day ago I had put in a support ticket requesting to buy the abandoned parcel. Today a Linden notified me that he had set the abandoned land for sale to me or my group. Now my land group has exactly 1024 sqm of land. Technically, though it's more ocean, because I lowered the land so that it's all under sea level. I wanted more parking space for boats.

Shortly after I first moved to my present location, I had sold that same 464 sqm parcel. Whoever bought it though, abandoned it. Evidently it didn't reappear on the market as abandoned land because it was less than 512 sqm. Hence, the necessity for the support ticket.

I originally sold the 464 sqm because I wanted to tier down. Recently though, I took advantage of the current 50% off premium membership special and added 512 sqm of tier. If you need more tier, the special is scheduled to continue through New Year's eve. I recommend it.

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