Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why Does This Work?

Why does this story work? There's no direct conflict. I think it must be because the protagonist goes on a spiritual character arc. At the beginning, she lacks confidence and at the end she has become stronger and healed her soul:
A couple hundred years ago, a man walked the plains of North America, in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, seeking understanding from the things of nature he saw all around him. The peoples of those lands called him, in various languages, a name which meant Wind Walker.
A couple hundred years later, he came to a little girl of 4 when she needed someone stronger than she was, and accessed his memories, imprinted on her DNA, for he was her ancestor. So she found a safe place, and reaching for his memories unconsciously over the years, became stronger than she had been.
She called him Dan. So he became Dan Wind Walker and he was her “brother”, and in some ways, he was her. Then Redtail Magic recreated him for her in SL, and she walked virtually in his skin across the Native sims and something magical happened.
In SL, sometimes a soul might heal through nothing more complicated than wearing the shell of a man who lived two centuries ago.
Does anyone know where this story came from? It was in someone's profile picks, but I forgot who. I met her in a group chat in the Menstuff group.

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