Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Plot Twists:

I was reading today about how to create good plot twists, and then it occurred to me that SL is great for unexpected twists and turns. Think about it, what's one of the most commonly heard stories in SL? Man meets the woman of his dreams and then finds out she's not really a woman. That's an unusually cruel plot twist. Something like that could damage a guy forever.

Or how about another common SL story, a woman finds her special prince and after a torrid few weeks he disappears. A couple of days later she get's an IM from someone professing to be his friend, who informs her of prince charming's sudden demise. The plot twist? The "friend" is really an alt of  prince charming, who's simply been avoiding her.

You just never really know who's on the other side of those IMs. Could be anyone, maybe even a space alien that's using SL to study humans surreptitiously. That's my story.


  1. Yes, very true! I have a friend who has lived his love affair with another woman thinking it was man, hearing of it has undergone a major nervous breakdown and is gone from SL. C'est la vie!
    That man has to be dead, made ​​funeral with coffin and everything? because there are burials in SL, eh! My God!
    SL seems like a Shakespearean comedy of errors.

    1. Is it full of sound and fury, signifying nothing?