Tuesday, August 6, 2013

If Someone Gave You:

     What if someone gave you a car? It's an older model, but high quality. An all-wheel drive type, precision engineered for driving. When you're sitting behind the wheel, it feels like you could drive to the edge of eternity and back.
      There's only one drawback. The odometer doesn't work. You don't know how many miles are on it. The engine or transmission or both could need major repairs next week or a hundred thousand miles from now. But at the moment, it drives alright.
      What would you do with the car? Would you use it for romantic get-aways and rendezvous's and or would it always be business before pleasure? Would you save it only for emergency use in bad weather when you needed all wheel drive, just leaving it parked most days until the upholstery dried and cracked and the paint faded?
      Or would you go on excursions to the deserts and the forests, up tall mountains, down deep valleys, and ford small streams with it? Would you carefully plan and prepare before each trip or pick up and go at a moment's notice?
      Would you take good care of the car, changing the oil every three months and making sure the tires were always properly inflated? Or would you drive it until it the tires had thread bare tread with uneven wear and the engine coughed and sputtered before you gave it a care?
      Would you drive and park boldly and accumulate a few tickets? Or would you drive and park cautiously, never taking a chance?
       Now, what if someone gave you a second life?

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