Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tales Heard in Second Life

Ever been to the Crossroads? Sometimes I wonder if it means a crossroads in life. A fork in the path where the life you knew and the life ahead of you turn sharply in different directions. And no matter how how much you want it to be the way it was before, it's never the same. A furry told me this story tonight at the Crossroads:
I was in an alternate universe one time and all the crew had found their opposites. In most cases the guys found female versions of themselves and vice versa. Being the opposite of themselves they were quite happy and compatable. I asked my friend were was my opposite? He said down on C-Deck.

As I ran off I heard him say (naturally I was a cat), "I don't think she is going to like her opposite too much." His opposite asked "why?" he replied "it's a dog"
I was considering becoming a furry, but I've decided against it.

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