Saturday, July 13, 2013

What a Waste:

So you've wrung your eyes of all their tears
And you caught them in a glass
To save them for some day next year, when you're waxing over your past
And should you ever begin to believe
That the good part was worth all the waste
Find your glass of last year's tears and you take a taste 

-Find the Out, Slobberbone

 Have you ever considered what a waste SL is? Not just the hours spent, but also the money on getting a better computer with a decent graphics card. What if the money and time had been spent on something worthwhile? What skills could you have acquired already?

How many times has LL deeply disappointed their users? Rodvik going back on his promise to allow first and last names. Pushing out the poorly designed CHUI that everyone hated. And the latest outrage? LL plastering ads on its website in which some of the ads are unsafe and insert scripts that shouldn't be on the page.

Was the good part worth all the waste?

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