Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Breaking News:

This just in from Phil Brody:
BREAKING NEWS: From now through July 15th, my novel, The Holden Age of Hollywood, is a FREE eBook Download on Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook), and iTunes (iBook).

If you've been aiming to read it, this is your chance to do it...Free Of Charge!
If you've read it and have been meaning to recommend it to anyone/everyone, this is your chance to do it...Free Of Charge!

If you're wondering why we're giving the book away for's a proven tactic to help spread the word about a little-book-that-could -- a story that's been well received, a novel that's won a few awards, and a book we feel will benefit from more exposure. 

That's where you come in...

Tell all your friends.
Forward this email.
Enjoy the free download. 

And if you enjoy(ed) the read/ride within the pages of The Holden Age of Hollywood, please help spread the word by telling your friends and maybe writing a brief review on Amazon. It all helps, and my publisher and I wholeheartedly appreciate your time and effort.
I posed about the Holden Age of Hollywood previously in this post. Get a copy while you can.

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