Saturday, December 31, 2016

I Found What's Missing

In December 2014, I posted this image and asked what was missing:

The problem is that what I most wanted and needed was not offered. What I want is meaning. Meaning is the source of hope, strength, courage, passion, and patience. Knowing that I am working towards something important and that it matters, gives me the strength, the patience, and the faith to persevere.

For years, I've searched for meaning. Whenever I see an invitation to contact someone with whatever questions I may have, I always ask for the meaning of life. Mostly I get joke answers, but I always hope for a serious answer.

I've concluded that life has no meaning. It's only a chemical process. Asking for the meaning of life is like asking for the meaning of fire. A flame dancing at the end of a candle is oxygen combining with wax molecules and releasing heat and carbon dioxide. And when the flame is extinguished? A body of wax remains, but the chemical process has stopped, leaving a cold, dead corpse.

The only meaning life has is the meaning we create for it. The purpose of life is to create meaning. That's why I love creators. Each is a god adding to the meaning of existence. If I could be a creator, I think I could be happy.

Wishing you a very creative and meaningful 2017 (and if you know the meaning of life, please send me a message).


  1. You mean something to the people around you :) You can create meaning for yourself too ... you are quite the creative person ♥ TC

  2. You're too kind. I hope you keep up your blogging. I enjoy reading your posts.