Monday, November 26, 2012

Dragon Slaying

The word for this week's single frame story is "easy". You know what's not easy? Maintaining a blog when you have no readers. Everyone's greatest need in the world is to have someone listen. Some people even pay other people just to listen to them. The people who get the money are called therapists. What a great gig! Being paid just to listen.

You know what hell is? Living in a world where you have no voice, where everyone ignores you. If nobody listens to you, you might as well be dead or in exile. You're nothing and no one unless somebody loves you.

That's what drives writers to write: love. It's the hope that someone, somewhere will find something they love in the writer's work. Something that lets the writer know that his life hasn't been a total waste. That all the suffering was somehow worth something and they're not alone in the world.

This blog almost died this week. I lost hope. Fortunately, a couple of new readers breathed some life into it. Hope still lives, albeit precariously, which brings me back to this week's subject:

Slaying dragons is easy. Maintaining a blog is hard. Dragons don't even exist. How difficult can it be be to slay a nonexistent creature? Maintaining a blog requires hope, and we know that exists. Because without hope, we die.


  1. Keep it going!
    oh ... and never trust that slaying dragons is easy ... they are everywhere everyday in all kind of shapes and disguises ... some might step aside or vanish, but some require a daily fight ...

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I think I know what you mean. You're referring to inner dragons, such as poor self-discipline. As Bukowski wrote, my ambition is handicapped by laziness.

    2. I never read Bukowski yet (maybe I should start), but that word matches me perfectly ... ;-)

  2. some kind of auspiciousness brought us together today.
    i'm appreciating your particular slant, FWIW.